Sunday, January 21, 2007

Loopy Ridges Scarf

It is a wet and cold Sunday. I hope I don't have any problems getting to work tomorrow. I dread going but you have to do what you have to do. I started working on a scarf early this morning a Loopy Ridges Scarf from Margaret Hubert's Hooked Scarves 20 Easy Crochet Projects, I am using Patons Classic wool Merino, the color Regency a very pretty variegated color. I am signed up to participate in my very first Crochetville swap WILD AND WOOLIE! you send your partner wool yarn and your partner sends you wool yarn you can add extras in with you swap so I am trying to think of what I can add and what type of wool to send. Each person that wants to participate in the swap has to fill out a survey telling what your favorite color is and what types of wool yarn you like I have never used any wool except Patons so I am open for anything. You would not believe how many different types of yarn are out in the fiber world. You can even buy soy yarns, just learned this recently. If any one cares to visit crochetville it is for both crocheter and knitters a great place where you can learn lots of things and talk about the project you have done and one you would like to do, very nice people. Go to Happy crocheting and knitting!!!

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