Saturday, November 11, 2006

I need to win the lottery

I really wish I could win the lottery. Of course you have to buy tickets to win and I don't buy them that often, no money not even a dollar. I only got the chance to buy 4 skeins of the TLC I am trying to get ran out of funds so I will have to wait until the next 40% off coupon and hope I have the money for the rest of my yarn. It is sad but true I can't afford to have a hobby. I feel like such a loser. Well enough of the pity party. I spent some time last night crocheting not much time but I did get a few rows done. Really can't seem to get in the mood to crochet or do anything these days. Well I have not spent anytime working on the dishcloths either I am such a bad person. I am running out of time to get the dishcloths and potholders done. Well happy crocheting and knitting.

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