Monday, September 11, 2006

Long, Long Monday

This weekend I missed a chance to go to a farm festival and see sheep and yarn products also knitting and crochet hooks. Noticed a picture in the paper after the fact and woman from Va was at the festival with her hand died yarn. The yarn looked amazing in the picture so I am sure in person it was great. I will mark this event on my calendar so may next year I can go. I have been searching the web tonight to see if I can find another festival, I need to start doing things like this maybe it will help my stress level to take a cheap day trip once a month or ever other month. We shall see what happens. North Carolina has to have something going on. This weekend while sitting under the hair dryer hair working on my Beth's Little Star Afghan I thought I was making real progress until I looked down and discovered a mistake at first I planned to ignore the mistake and I sat thinking and thinking but I could not make my self leave in the mistake, no one would have every know but me, I had to stop crocheting and Sat night I ripped out all 4 rows to correct my mistake really feel a lot better about correcting the mistake but no real progress on the afghan. I have 7 more rows to go, 1 blue and 6 green. Posting if I can a picture of my second Beth's Little Star Afghan it looks just like the first because I am using the same colors. This weekend I am starting another Beth's Little Star Afghan in 5 colors, yellow , pink, lavender, green and blue.

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