Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Monday 4 more days to go before I have another weekend. Yes I am wishing my life away but I cant wait until Friday. I live for Friday's. So today was yet another long and stressful day. Tonight I will crochet hopefully it will relieve some of my tension. I have a lot of tension. No camera to download pictures and no money or time to buy YARN and I love and want YARN. What is a girl to do when your funds are low and you want to start project. Last night when I went to check out the happenings on crochetville. CrazieJillie84 made a beautiful blanket Babette Blanket it is wonderful she gives your progress reports from this project and a picture of the finished project. After viewing CrazieJillie84's blanket I felt the need to go online and order the magazine that has the pattern Interweavecrochet Spring2006 Issue. I hope it doesn't take to long to arrive. No pictures to post tonight. I have found the camera that I want to buy at walmart it has a zoom lens and its only $129.00 a very good price for a digital camera. I might ask if they still have lay-away. This weekend I plan to start another retangle afghan in red and black, it is a great color combination and my daughter's school colors. I think I will give the afghan to her friend. Daughter already has a red and black afghan I had a very good friend make one for her last year before I learned to crochet.

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