Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I finished the Beth's Star Afghan

Well yes I finished the afhgan and I was so happy and proud of my work. I will post a picture but after I finished weaving in all the ends and clipping a long end in the center the afghan pulled apart in the middle. I tried to repair the center and I feel that it will be good enough for home use but not to give to someone. I dont think I can rip it out and start over because it is two colors and not one so that just will not work. My daughter still wants to take it to the woman at her job, I told her she could if she wanted to but not to sale it to her just give it to her and tell her what happened. I wonder if fabric glue will help? I told her to tell the lady to put fabric glue on the middle of the afghan. So I hope this works and she can use the afghan. I plan to make another one as soon as I have finished my exchange items I start another. Maybe I will have better luck .

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Lieran said...

Hi! I'm doing that afghan now, and what modifications did you make to it to keep it flat and from curling?

Could you drop me an email at

Thanks :)