Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Well I have made it through another workday. I am proud of making it over humpday. I have not crocheted today. I came home today and did a little work in the garden. I plan to post a picture of the garden one day this week. On Monday I did something that I have never done before I went to the public hearing in Randolph Co. On the new budget. I was surprised so few people attended this meeting, yes I have just said that I attended for the first time this week. I have lived in Randolph Co. For 19 years and it was my first but it will not be my last. I have finally decided that since I am paying taxes here I should know what's going on in the Co. Okay this is the part that I have to confess my disgust with my self and my shame. I didn't get up and speak. One woman got up to state that she opposed the tax increase and the 5% pay raise for the Co. Employee's, her suggestion was that if our trained Police Officer wanted to make more money they should just go to another Co. Because the citizens of Randolph Co. Couldn't take and didn't want a tax increase. I should have said something stated that I was for the budget because the Commissioners did ask if anyone was for the budget and I just sat in my seat afraid to speak. I pay both City and Co. taxes and I understand the desire for taxes to stay the same but unfortunley some things have to change. I do feel that Co. employee's should get a raise, we dont need to lose any more good employee's to other Counties. If you look at the big picture a lot of money is spent by this Co. to train Co worker and all that training goes to waste if they take that knowledge to another Co. I am sure each and every employee is thankful they have a job to go to since so many people have lost jobs in this Co. even so they still need to earn the fair market value for the jobs they preform. Next year I must pluck up and speak up. On to anohter subject I will try and post a picture of my cat. Work with me please still trying to learn how to take a good picture, my house is old had dark paneling and this was the best I could do.

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