Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just A Few Hours Left

Well here we are again with just a  few hours left until the new year begins. I must say each passing year is worst than the one before. On the reading front I did not finish reading very many books. I started a lot but did not finish had to return a few to the library.  I have knit a few dishcloths. I started an Aran sweater in June, I am still working on the sweater and I plan to finish. I am working the back of the sweater I am almost at the point of decreasing for the arm holes. The knitting group I meet with on Wednesday's has not met for the last two weeks due to the Christmas and tomorrow's New Year's holiday so I have not worked on my sweater since December 18th. I had to work today and now I am at home watching for now Storage Wars, drinking wine, and knitting a Grandma's Favorite Christmas Tree Dishcloth by Deb's Heartfelt Designs. I hope to continue to increase my knitting skills and finish my sweater next year. I want to read more and I will have to force myself to do all these things and make myself live rather than exist. Oh I want to try and be a better blogger this I think has been my worst year. See you in 2014.      

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Sharon said...

Happy New Year to you!