Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of the year!

Wow it is hard to believe that it is the last day of the year. I like to think about my progress and if things in my life have changed since this time last year. My crafting really has not progressed , still knitting a lot of dish cloths and baby washcloths. I did finish one knit baby afghan.  I have read 29 books this year, listen to I think 5 audio books and started 3 books that I have not finished yet. No progress on becoming a better blogger. I blog less this year than last. I did not go to any crafting events this year. It has been a really long hard year. I had to buy have a new roof and just scrapped the money together to get a new hut for my hot water heater. It is on the outside because the house is so small, it has to have a metal structure to keep it dry and unexposed to the elements. Spent a day or two with out hot water. I hope next year goes better and I have a less to  repair. I have a bottle of champagne chilling ready to toast the new year! Happy new years eve crafting!  

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Ria said...

Happy New Year!!