Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Day Two

Back to work tomorrow, at least it's a four days. I am not ready and I wish I had one more day. I am hoping to have a better blogging, crafting, and reading year. However so far today no crafting or reading. Maybe later on tonight. I spent the day looking around the house and I have figured out that the house needs a lot of cleaning. So next weekend my plan is to force myself to start in the kitchen with the cabinets and small pantry. Get rid of all the sour cream and ricotta containers, and any old pots that I no longer use. I have at least 3 pressure cookers and I have not used one in a long time. I will not throw them away just take them to Goodwill. All of this cleaning will be very hard because I am very lazy and I don't like to clean. However I think a nice clean house will help me feel peaceful. So much to do so little time. My Rosemary is in bloom, it is very pretty. I need a brighter new year.

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