Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day!!!

Christmas Day It started out very quite and calm. Then I went to my Aunt's house had a very nice visit and dinner. Then off to the nursing home to visit with my Grandmother. Last night I finished a dishcloth and started a new one. Spent some of this morning working a few rows of the new dishcloth. I am enjoying my Christmas gift from my Daughter. She gave me a Kindle I have wanted one for a longtime. I would have never brought one for myself. I think I will enjoy it!.


Ria said...

You're going to love your kindle!!

Merry Christmas!

Sharon Marie said...

I think you will enjoy your kindle. I love the one I got last year for Christmas. There are lots of free books for it. One thing, if you download free books from sites other than Amazon, you may be charged for the download. I found that out the hard way.