Sunday, October 09, 2011

Another Weekend Coming To A Close

The weekend is almost over. It is Sunday evening I am trying to find something on tv and doing my laundry, and making Manhattan Catfish Chowder. It is a favorite of mine and most of the family. On Saturday we went to my Cousin and Aunt's church to the Festival of Tables it was a lot of fun and the food was great, The Pavilion did the catering for the event. First you had time to view the tables all decorated with different themes. All of the tables were beautiful. My Aunt and Cousin had two tables and my Cousin's Cousin on her Father's side of the Family had a great table also. After the viewing of the tables and dinner there was praise and worship and a speaker. I did not get the chance to hear the speaker but did stay for most of the praise and worship. I will post a picture of one of my Aunt and Cousin's table's. So no knitting or crochet this weekend. I am reading Unraveled by Maggie Sefton, I need to finish it so I can get started on The Wedding Shawl, by Sally Goldenbaum. I have not given up on How To Knit A Heart Back Home, by Rachael Herron, but I might have to start over. I feel bad because it has been weeks since I have worked on a dishcloth. I need a lot of dishcloths for Christmas. My Cousin Nicole has started a business Nikki Lynn's Cookies and Cakes she does a great job with the cookies and cakes and everything is homemade not from a box or mix. She's still working on her website, but she she has an email address and a phone number 336-430-3475. The cake on the table in the picture I am posting is one of her cakes.

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Dee said...

Wow! That it a very pretty pretty table. Sounds like you had fun. Have a great day.