Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Little Shaking Going On

Well today here in North Carolina we felt and earthquake. I was at work sitting in the break room during lunch. When I felt something and I was not sure what happened. I did not see the furniture move or anything but I felt this shake and the the women I was sitting with asked if the building was shaking? I said yes and I also said I am so glad someone felt that too. Because for a minute I thought I was losing it. So it turns out that we had an earthquake. The center was in Virginia somewhere near Richmond. This quake was felt all the way to Canada. This was the first time in my 47 years that I have every felt the earth move. It was very light but it still moved. I guess it was a great way to break up the day. So now I am at home watching tv and knitting a Feather and Fan Dishcloth. My Mother sowed spinach, kale, and mustard greens for the fall garden. I hope they come up. Last year the fall greens did not do so good.

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