Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Middle

It is Wednesday the middle of the week. I am still feeling somewhat in the middle when it comes to getting over my funk. It seems to be getting better as the weather warms up. This past week has been a little rainy and cold. I am 19 rows into the Shapely Diamond dish cloth that I started and then restarted last week and weekend. So far no crochet but soon I have a pattern picked out for a ripple and I need to make myself go to the library to print off the pattern. I am out of ink and it is cheaper to print a pattern at the library than it is to buy printer ink. I am still reading the first in a new series by Lorraine Bartlett it is A Crafty Killing - A Victoria Square Mystery. I am on chapter seven great and entertaining read. I hope the second book in the series is in the works. When my mother moved in with me in 2006 she brought a purple iris and it finally bloomed this year. I am posting a picture.

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