Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

The only day of the year when black is a good thing. So today is Black Friday, the day when most businesses say if they have a good day they won't be in the red which is bad for the year. So to prepare for the today I went to bed at 7:15 pm set my clock for 12:00 am and tried to get in a nap. Well my friend Margaret called me to see how my Thanksgiving had gone and my daughter called too! Well I think I might have gotten two hours of sleep and just could not stay asleep. So I got up an 11:30 got dressed and made my way to Walmart. Walmart did not close for Thanksgiving this year. So a lot of the Black Friday sales started
at midnight when I walked in the store a few minutes after midnight I heard yelling and screaming two women got into a fight. I am not sure which item they fought over but it cant be that serious nothing on sale at Walmart can be worth a fight. I made my way to where the item I wanted was to be placed on sale at 5:00am. We stood in the line for alittle over an hour and they they made us move. some people from the back of the line ran and got in front of us but the workers in the store did not do anything about it no fight broke which is a good thing. Then after stand for a pretty good while some fresh teenager tried to break in the line and another lady in line told her where the line started and that she could not cut in line. Well a few minutes later these 3 women rolled up on this women, proceeded to start yelling at her about not saying anything to a 16 year old and cursing at the sixteen year old. Well this woman told her I did not curse and all I said is you can't cut in line. Store employee's had to come over to keep these women from continuing to argue with this lady. I think they had to leave the store and the poor women started crying. At 4:30 we got tickets for our computer's Then had to stand in another line to check out. I did not leave the store until around 6:15am. I did leave the store with the $198.00 plus tax laptop. It is working well. Came home took a nap and I don't think I will be able to go to Walmart for at least a week or two. No knitting or crochet so far today.


Clara said...

Wow! What a shopping experience. Glad you got your laptop!

Sharon Marie said...

What a mob scene! Glad you were successful after all that.

Little Wren said...

Crazy! My mom used to call it psycho shopping when we shopped on Black Friday. Sounds like those women were psycho for sure!

Ria said...

There is not a sale in the world that would get me to one of those weird hour black friday sales. And since i had to work on Friday it would have been a moot point anyway.

Glad no one - especially you - got hurt and I'm glad you got your laptop!