Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I am participating in a swap over on Crochetville it is the KISS(keep it simple swap). It is the first swap I have participated in on Crochetville for some time. I am a very sorry and lazy person and could not work up the energy for a swap. The KISS swap is a dishcloth swap and the keep it simple part meant you send only one dishcloth and on extras. Well I came home today to a nice surprise. I received my dishcloth from my swap partner. Legalwoman17(her Crochetville name. I want to thank her again on this blog for a very pretty star shaped dishcloth in a nice bright color. Once again I have to say it was great to get something in the mail other than a bill. I have a nice long weekend coming and I am glad. I took Friday off our office is closed on Monday and I took off on Tuesday. Just because I be damned if I feel like going to work. I am thankful for my job but I need a break. The picture is of the dishcloth I received from my swap partner.


Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

Oh, now that is CUTE! I need to get back into crochet & learn how to do more ornate things!

Ria said...

Sometimes it is more the thought of looking for the little extras that makes me not sign up!

I wish I cold take a long weekend! This week is kicking my keister!

Betty Hechtman said...

What a pretty washcloth. Much nicer to get in the mail than bills.

I hope you enjoy your long weekend.

Me, no time off. I'll be spending my weekend rewriting my sixth book. It's already past due.