Monday, August 23, 2010

Next Foodnetwork Star

This year I participated in a contest on Ravelry. The Next Foodnetwork Star! The moderator gave you two contestants names divided everyone who signed up for the contest in groups and if at the end of the show your contestant was the winner and became the The Next Foodnetwork Star you received a gift from the other 5 contestants in your group. Well I won! I never win anything. I am thrilled. When I got home today I received a package of some very pretty cotton yarn and a small pack of candy and a bag of tea. I can't wait to try the tea. I love tea. I also received a knit picks gift card from Yarncandie and Straightneedles, now all I have to do is pick the yarn I want. I think it is going to be hard they have great yarn and accessories. I am posting a picture of the yarn I received from Allisonlovesyarn. I did not spend anytime knitting or crocheting this weekend and I had a long day at work. All is well though and I am ready for the weekend.


Lorena said...

I just bought some Wolle creation cotton! I just love the way it gradiates(?) to find a pattern

Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

Woohoo! Winning things is definitely exciting! Congrats!!

Ria said...

congrats on winning! I do a contest on Ravelry for Dancing with the Stars. My daughter loves that show, and it gives me someone to root for. My contestant never won yet, but it is fun rooting your person on!