Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Red Dress?

My Daughter and I went in search of a red dress today. This red dress had to have sleeves and had to fall at least to the knee if not below the knee. She joined one of the choir's at her church and the choir has it's anniversary tomorrow. So she needs to wear a red dress. The search began at Jcpenny's and continued on to Dillard's, Belks times 2, Macy's,Cato's K&G Fashion's Sear's, David's Bridals, Ross, Marshall's, and finally Hamricks. She found the dress at Hamrick's for only $12.oo dollars ! We had a great day. I stopped by A C Moore and Hobby Lobby. I found a set of size 3 knitting needles. I need to use the size 3's for baby washcloth's from Kris Knits. I brought the patterns on Ravelry. One of the pictures I am posting tonight is of Cece and all her cuteness, and the red dress.


Ria said...

Cece has grown! She's so cute!

Great deal on the dress!

As someone who really can't sing, i envy those that can.

Sharon Marie said...

Dress is nice and Cece is adorable!

Ria said...

Seed and Square swap was in the Squares squared group. I sent you an invite to check it out. It's a great group of gals. Every week the mod's post a knitted and a crocheted (usually dishcloth) pattern. They do a bunch of small swaps. (Makes it easier for me - I'm a slow knitter so I can finish a square to mail, but larger items would be harder)