Friday, April 09, 2010

The Big Day

Well today was the big day ! My daughter got her puppy today. She is so sweet and so cute! After picking the puppy up at my friend's house my daughter wanted to show her off at my sister's house she was a big hit. Then she headed to Raleigh to see her boyfriend. She called on her trip and CeCe was crying and whining. Even though she should not have she put the puppy in her lap with a toy I brought the puppy and she finally went to sleep. I hope she does not cry to much tonight. I have made it to row 19 on my second Beth's Little Star Afghan. I am reading Murder Talks Turkey, by Deb Baker.


Ria said...

yay! she got her puppy! Tell her to not take any crying personally, it'll take a little bit for her to stop missing her sibs and mom.

Matt said...

cute puppy!