Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Windy Wednesday update

I wanted to give a quick update to let you know I have finished 2 of the dishcloths my daughter needs to put in with her secret Santa gift and I am half way finished with the scarf. I will start the dishcloths for my friend at work this weekend I feel sure I will be able to get them done by the 23rd. I forgot to take pictures of the dishcloths. I might try to throw in one more dishcloth. Maybe Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth it knits up very quickly. So I have to make a quick trip to c Costco on Sunday and get my hair done on Saturday I have decided not to try going natural at this time so I will get my hair relaxed and cover up all my gray. I need to buy the Harry Potter dvd this weekend.

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~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

I'm glad you found Common Threads! Love that little store and it's full of fun stuff!

I am ready to make some squares again soon, once we get past Christmas. I think next year I will have a Christmas Granny Square Blanket to throw over the sofa!

You sound like you have been busy like the rest of us!