Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years's Eve

Well it's New Year's Eve 2009 is about to come to an end. It is foggy tonight and I am really disappointed because tonight is a blue moon. We won't have another blue moon for 19 years! I keep checking outside to see if the Sykes have cleared but no such luck. I am trying not to become depressed because I am still in the same shape financially as I was last year, my hope was to change that circumstance. It did not happen and my finances are in the same dismal shape. I am trying to keep hope alive. I am thankful for a job and a place to lay my head. I did not get my second sock done, I need to make it my New Year's Resolution to finish the socks. I did get 3 crocheted afghans , 4 scarves 1 crocheted and 3 knit, 16 dishcloths. My best year so far for finished projects. I need to move beyond the basics. I have read 16 books, most of them knit or crochet related. I finished up the knitted items I plan to give my friend at work today. I might try to finish another dishcloth by Sunday to add to the gift. I have a bottle of pink champagne in the refrigerator waiting on the stroke of 12:00!

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Ria said...

Happy New Year!!

Great job on your fiber projects!

Hope everything gets better in 2010!