Sunday, November 01, 2009

Will I ever get ahead?

Early this morning around 3:00 am it began to rain very, very hard I was watching a movie and talking to Gin our house guest. I turned the light on when I heard a drip. I look and water is running down the paneling from my ceiling. Yes I did say paneling it is an old house and I have not made very many changes since I brought the house in 1999. Well I need a roof and I have for sometime. So on Monday I need to call a few roofer who give free estimates and ask them to come to the house. Almost 3 years ago we had to do a quick patch job that was only suppose to last a year but it made it almost 3 I am thankful for that almost 3 years. Just when I am set to make my last car payment and maybe have some extra money that I need to help buy groceries this happens. I am pray that my credit union will give me a personal loan, if not I will be forced to try and get one from one of the areas high interest finance companies. I know I am in better shape than a lot of people but sometimes I feel if it was not for bad luck I would have no luck at all(taken from Hee Haw tv show) Yes I said Hee Haw and that is another story altogether. Well I did not do much this weekend, the most I did on Saturday was to walk out to the garden in the backyard. I still have a few peppers I need to pick. Then I watched the Planet of the Apes marathon on fox movie channel. I was very disappointed this year in the horror and scifi choice for Halloween. The I hate to do anything hermit in me I did not buy any candy to give out and I was not the only one on this end of my street that sat in the dark with their porch lights off, and do you know someone still came up and rang my doorbell! Also started a Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth at midnight I love those cloths. You can finish more than one in a day. Today I made it out to the store for cat food and cat litter. Ah the ocean will I ever see it again. This is a picture from 2006 the last time I was able to go to the beach.

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Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful picture! Sorry to hear about your roof problems!