Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not so marvelous Saturday

So I spent the entire week looking forward to my weekend only to be kicked in the knees by the fact that my Mother spent the day babysitting here at the house. My Mother moved in with me 3 years ago, and I knew but was not prepared for the fact that this would go along with the territory! and I find it hard to deal. Please don't get me wrong I wish no little child ill will because I once was a little child and I gave birth and had a child and my nieces and my nephew where and are still children and I love my child and I love my nieces and nephew, and my cousin . How ever between the ages on 0-12 if I had a choice I would not spend more time than I need to with them. I am not a young child kind of girl and really could put off grandchildren for a very long time. So my Mother had to and as I am writing this is still babysitting my cousin her great-great niece who is 6, my niece who is 10 her granddaughter has finally gone home. I wonder when I will be allowed to become the hermit that I am. Well when I got up this morning I made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some olive oil to use while I tried to dry some of my romas tomatoes and for tomato sauce out of some roma tomatoes. I think they are the last of the tomatoes out of my garden. I forgot to take a before roasting picture of my tomatoes but I am posting and after roasting picture. It is nice to have friends on the Internet. The recipe I was looking for a blogging friend of mine sent it to me after reading one of my post. He blog at . The recipe is from tom grey and his blog for some reason I could not find the post with the recipe. My possible swap partner dish cloth is going well I am on row 45 only 7 more row until bind off. I watched the funeral mass for Senator Ted Kennedy today it was great and then watched some of the last few minutes at his finally resting place. He was a great person. I wish I could have met him. I am posting a picture of the roasted tomatoes and the sauce I made today.


Shana said...

That looks really good.

Ria said...

looks yummy!

Matt said...

Heeey, they turned out great! :) Glad to have helped out a little.