Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I feel that there is not enough time in a day to do the things that I want to do. First out of necessity I have to spend 8 hours per day working. Gotta pay the mortgage,car payment, and keep up the utilities. Then by the time you come home unwind for an hour or two it does not leave you with much time for reading, knitting, and blogging. So little time so much to accomplish. I made myself spent time knitting a few rows on my sock while I listened to this week's lionbrand podcast. I am determined to get both socks done before the end of the summer and start a new pair. Went by the library on Monday and picked up my interlibrary loan, Death by Cashmere, by Sally Goldenbaum it is A Seaside Knitters Mystery. I did not realize so many author's wrote knitting mysteries. I love the books because they don't go all CSI and at the end of the book some add either a recipe and pattern or just a pattern. I started the book last night and I think it will make another great summer read. It is better if you can buy the books that way later on you can try the pattern checking the book out of the library does not give you enough time. The flower is Spider Flower, Cleome Sparkler Hybrid (hassleriana) a very nice woman that I work with gave me a few plants. It is a very pretty flower. I received a catalog in the mail last week from Park Seed Co. In the catalog they have the plant listed as an annual but the plant that my friend gave me reseed's it self I think this one is the Blush it comes in 4 colors.

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