Monday, May 12, 2008

A Crochet Mystery

Hi, I hope everyone had a great Monday. I did not at least not the first half of the day. I did have a better evening. I made a trip to Randleman for a bottle of wine. You see even if this is a dry City it does not mean some of the Citizens of this City do not drink. I think some people have missed that point. The reason I am rambling is once again some very brave souls are trying to get the city to put Beer and Wine sales and ABC store to a vote. The editorials have already started just like I knew they would from under age drinking to people getting killed by drunk driver's you would think no one in the town is drinking now and everyone will start just because Asheboro joins the crowd and vote's in Beer and Wine sale and ABC store. We shall see how things play out this time. Over the weekend while visiting Crochetville I ran across a thread telling us all about a new book written by Betty Hechtman, Hooked on Murder it is a Crochet Mystery! the first I have every heard of before. So I have read a few pages and I think it will be a pretty good read. No knit or crochet going on for me. I planted a cherry tomato yesterday in a container until now I was having trouble finding one. The Cherry Tomato is a Mountain Belle as I already said I planted one in a hanging basket and I will plant the rest in the garden. The picture I am posting is the items I sent to my partner in the Notions Swap at Crochetville.

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