Friday, December 14, 2007

I am a slow knitter

Yes I am still working on my knit hat and scarf in B and Red Bernat yarn. The scarf is finished I am working on the last few row of the hat. I really need to try my very best to knit even when I am tired and depressed. I want to give knitting on circulars a try I have purchased circular needles. So far I have not used any of the needles. My plan is to finish the hat this weekend. I promise to post a picture when the hat is finished.

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Lesalicious said...

Hi you added me as a friend on Ravelry wanted to stop by my newest friend blog and check out your work. You say you is a slow knitter I yet to learn to cast off lol, I am still working with practicing to knit and purl without dropping a stitch. I am so much of a pro at crocheting then knitting but, I yet to give up.:) cant wait to see how your projects turn out surely will be stopping by again.:)happy holidays and have a great weekend.