Monday, March 26, 2007

Square #35 on the hook!!

Okay I just lost my entire post and it was a long one. Well let's see if I can remember everything that I wrote the first time. I received my swap package in the mail today. It was great I participated in the Get Wild & Woolie Yarn Swap @ crochetville. It was a great package and my swap partner was great. I am posting a picture of what I received in the swap and in the March dish cloth exchange with atmyhouse group. I have deciced to learn how to knit I signed up for a class in May I hope I can do this not to sure. Knitting looks hard to needles and I don't know? when I see all the beautiful things that you can do with knitting I really want to knit. I have square #35 on the hook for the blushing grannies afghan I think I will wait until this weekend to try and start stitching the afghan together. Happy crocheting and knitting.

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Deneen said...

Pretty yarn in the swap package. Good for you learning to knit-I haven't had the real time to yet, but hope to.