Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Home again

Well my time at the beach is over and I am at home and I really miss the sound of the waves and looking out over the ocean. It was a good ride back to NC and I am already thinking about going back for my birthday in February. I really wish I could sale my house and move to Myrtle beach. I did look on the Horry County Department of Social Services Web Site but they did not have any food assistance positions(new name for the food stamp program). I don't think the job prospects in Myrtle Beach is any better than they are in NC. If I could sale my house as is and get any money out of it I would and find a job in myrtle beach I would throw caution to the wind and not fear the future and move try and find an ocean front condo or something only a few minute away from the beach I would go everyday to the beach. I have not crocheted since last Thursday just did not have time spent my nights walking the beach, blogging and playing Scrabble with my daughter also UNO I have never understood UNO even as a Young adult when I think we first discovered the game in my neighborhood. Happy crocheting and knitting.

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Jeanie said...

Hi there! Jeanie here from CrochetCast. I happened upon your blog by doing a Google search for "Babette blanket" (since I just started one and was looking to see if anybody had actually completed one of these things) and your blog popped up (something about someone you know making a "baby Babette blanket"). So are you working on any new crochet projects? Do you knit? Anyway, I just wanted to say that your Christmas at the beach looked beautiful and I hope you had a great one. Jeanie