Friday, December 22, 2006

I am at the Beach!!!

I am sitting on the couch on the second floor lobby looking at the Christmas trees and listening to it rain. Yes rain and I mean a lot of rain, I hope it clears up and does not rain the whole time we are at the beach. It will be just my luck my only vacation this year and its raining. I love the beach I could wake up every morning looking at the Ocean. If I every win big and I mean real big with the lottery I am buying a Oceanfront Condo. I plan to take a picture of the ocean tomorrow from the beach if it stops raining. If not from the balcony. The ride down was nice an went smoothly did not get lost. I am sure anyone from NC would not believe a person from the Carolina's could get lost going to the beach but we do every time. I have not crocheted today just did not while riding and none so far while here, maybe later tonight.

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